My pick of RSS feeds..

Feedly is my main medium of consuming news and blog posts from the IT & Security industry (other RSS aggregators are available!) and makes keeping up to date with current threats dramatically easier than slogging through the usual sites individually. If you have time to read the individual sites looking for actionable intelligence then I envy you, but for the rest of us an RSS aggregator is worth it’s weight in gold.

The OPML file I am providing here contains a mass of useful and interesting RSS feeds that I feel provide a wealth of information that an analyst can turn in to actionable intelligence and added value. This list has been built over the past few years and I have added/removed a lot of the current ones a few times due to them suffering periods of silence, much like this blog..

Due to restrictions with wordpress, I have had to sling the list on pastebin. Just copy the contents of the paste and drop them in to a text editor then save as “something.opml”. The file should then be ready to import into a reader!

This OPML file can be imported easily in to most RSS readers. However, I have only tested in Feedly. If you have issues importing it in to your reader of choice it is quite easy to strip the contents as it is merely an XML formatted document.

As always, suggestions welcome. Credit goes out to the blogs and news outlets that have made it onto the list. This is merely my list of daily reads..



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